The Best Tape Hair Extensions: What Makes J’adore Premium Quality?

The Best Tape Hair Extensions: What Makes J’adore Premium Quality?

Tape hair extensions can work wonders for adding length and volume to your natural hair. However, the most important step in getting the best tape hair extensions that will look the most natural and last for the longest, is to make sure that the hair is of the highest quality.

Our team at J’adore follows some key steps to ensure that our tape extensions are of supreme quality, meeting our high manufacturing standards. At J’adore, we want to make sure that our clients can enjoy the most beautiful, healthy-looking hair possible.


What are tape hair extensions?

Attached by a thin, flat strip of tape, tape hair extensions are pieces of hair extensions that can be applied in a balanced fashion throughout the hair. The best tape hair extensions that are of premium quality will look totally natural amongst your natural hair, matching the colour and texture and having discreet attachment points.

Tape hair extensions are long-lasting, with about nine to 12 months of wear time. They are fast and simple to apply and will only need maintenance every six-eight weeks on average, to move the tape up in place as your natural hair grows.


A guide to high quality J’adore Hair Extensions

The best tape hair extensions are created in a way that does not strip it of its goodness, meaning it can be heat styled, colour treated and washed just like your normal hair. At J’adore, we’re known for having premium quality hair, that maintains its quality long-term and creates a beautiful, natural and healthy-looking volume and length boost. So, what makes J’adore hair so high quality?


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100% Remy human hair

At J’adore Hair Extensions, our tape hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, making them high enough quality to blend in within your natural hair perfectly.

With the cuticles still intact and without the harsh treatment that other types of hair extensions undergo, Remy hair makes for the best tape hair extensions you can possibly have. Not all types of human hair extensions are of Remy quality - the key is in the process that the donated hair goes through.


A closely monitored process to ensure the highest quality

J’adore makes sure that all of our hair extensions go through a healthy and quality process, that won’t degrade the health of the hair and will look as natural in our clients hair as possible.

Before processing, the hair is assessed, then a temporary thread is sewn at the top and bottom of each donated ponytail to make sure that it stays aligned in the direction of growth throughout colouring. Our team then hand picks the hair that would make for the best tape hair extensions, before using a specially designed tool to remove any shorter hairs to ensure consistent length.

The hair is cleaned, lifted, coloured and sorted, before it is then made into tape hair extensions or our other methods. Once this process is complete, we have an external quality control team that does a thorough assessment of the hair. The colours are checked against our colour ring, as well as the length, including the consistency of the length of each strand, to ensure that the hair meets our standards of the highest quality.

After the hair has been checked, it will be deep cleaned and tested for its cuticle quality, colour fastness and overall strength and health. It is checked again to ensure its high quality after the hair has dried then it can be dispatched from our specialised factory and arrive into our Australian warehouse.

If the donated hair meets all of our standards, it will be approved and released to be used in our salons. If you would like to learn more, you can read about our process in further depth here.


Ethically sourced European hair

Unfortunately, not all hair extensions are necessarily ethically sourced. J’adore hair has all been willingly donated, by individuals who have consented to having their hair donated and have been paid a fair amount for their donation.

This means that, not only do we monitor the manufacturing process, but we ensure that all of our hair has been sourced from those who have high quality, well cared for hair. To learn more about our ethical standards, take a look at our statement here.


J'adore hair aextensions, tape in premium hair extensions, model 03


Fair-trade manufacturing process

Not only is our hair ethically sourced, but we make sure that our manufacturing team works in a fair, clean and secure environment. We have a Code of Conduct that requires our employees only work for eight hours a day, or are paid for any overtime that they work. Our employees are also paid above the industry standard and wear professional, quality protective masks when working in the dyeing department.

The equipment used by employees undergoes regular checks and maintenance, which also ensures the quality of our hair. Our factory also undergoes daily cleaning that meets our hygiene and sanitation standards.


Over eight years of research

We want to make sure that we offer the best of the best tape hair extensions. To get our products to the premium quality that they are now, we have researched our supplies for over eight years, finding the best methods of keeping hair in good condition.


Want healthy, natural-looking, long-lasting tape hair extensions?

When it comes to finding the best tape hair extensions on the market, we have you covered. At J’adore, we ensure that our ethically sourced hair goes through a quality manufacturing process, from start to finish. When you choose our tape hair extensions, you’re choosing to have the benefits of heat style-able, colour-treatable hair, carefully selected to be of consistent lengths, thicknesses and colours.

You can shop our tape hair extensions by length and thickness, depending on what will work best in your hair. If you need help, use our online chat to the bottom right of your screen, or get in touch with us via our online contact form.


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