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Premium Double Drawn Remy Extensions

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Whilst many hair extensions wholesale companies are saving and providing hair that is not 100% Remy we insist on only supplying hair to the highest grade which includes such characteristics as 100% Remy, double drawn hair with no mix blends, only human hair of the best quality. You will notice these characteristics as soon as you feel and see our premium quality Indian and Russian Remy hair. Our customer service team are always available and eager to answer any of your queries and also conveniently place orders 24/7 on our online shop.

We have a wide range of application options to suit each hair type and desired result. These include iTip, Tape, Skinweft Tape, Weft and also Clip In Sets.

Our high grade Remy Indian hair has begun as dark hair and has been coloured to the various shades available. This process is performed gently to maintain a beautiful texture to the hair. Indian hair will require more maintenance & have a shorter life than our Russian hair. It is also thicker and slightly more coarse in texture. Our premium Remy Russian hair is the highest quality available.

It’s original colour has not been altered further than a few shades therefore making it healthier hair & easier to maintain. Recommended for finer hair types and lighter hair shades.

Yes! We guarantee that our hair is 100% Human premium Remy. Remy means that the hair is collected with all strands running in the same direction (cut from a ponytail), this ensures that the hair cuticle layer is facing the same direction from root to tip. This greatly reduces tangling and means that it is kept looking and feeling natural.

Yes! All of our hair is double drawn. The hair is manually checked for any short hairs. These short hairs are removed to ensure that each hair extension strand is full from the top to the bottom (no thin, wispy ends). You would be surprised on how much this improves the completed look, and unlike others we stock double drawn hair at single drawn prices!

Jadore hair has a natural texture or ‘body wave’. This means that the hair has a lovely loose wave or romance wave. It is a gentle flowing wave and is popular due to it matching most clients hair. The wave also gives the hair more body, and will hold a curl extremely well, but can still be styled straight very easily.

We offer a length of 22” for all our extension methods, and have a vast colour range which includes 16 different shades.

This will vary between our different extension methods. iTip – 50 strands/50g/half head, Tape and Skinweft 50g/20 pieces/10 sandwiches/half head, Weft 1 piece/100g/Full head, Clip In 7 pieces/150g/Extra Full head.

We suggest applying 100g for Full Head application of our hair, however for very thick or shorter, blunt hairstyles we recommend applying 150g for a natural, seamless blend.

Plenty of our Jadore customers colour their extensions with no problems at all. It is safe to apply a semi permanent colour using no more than a 1.5% developer to either deepen the level or to tone. Do not attempt to bleach or lighten your Jadore hair as this will only cause irreversible damage to your extensions. Please ensure you apply the desired colour to a test strand first, as we cannot be held responsible for any issues you may encounter during or after any colouring of your Jadore hair.

It is very important to use only the recommended products on your beautiful new J’adore locks! We want your extensions to last you a long time and continue to feel fabulous, this is why we only recommend the use of our specifically formulated Jadore Haircare products. Our professional J’adore products have been created in a pharmaceutical laboratory with the focus on organic products free of nasties, which damage our natural hair, as well as hair extensions. Our products are strictly sulphate and paraben and protein free so they are safe for all extension methods. Any products that contain protein and sulfate will cause irreversible damage to your new hair. Please note: We will only warrant our hair extensions when our haircare products have been used.

Do not use low quality shampoo and conditioner that contain any protein or sulphate, or have a high alcohol content

Use J’adore Hair Supplies’ haircare range to warrant your extensions

Concentrate shampoo on own scalp rather than on extensions. Concentrate conditioner on extensions

Extensions require maintenance every 6-8 weeks to keep the natural hair safe, damage free and manageable

Dry hair gently with hairdryer on low-medium heat

Always tie hair up when sleeping, a loose plait is best

Applying regular treatments is a necessary part of maintaining hair extensions

Apply J’adore Argan Oil daily

Do not bleach hair extensions, Semi permanent dye to go darker or similar shade only

Do not sleep with wet hair

Brush hair daily with recommended hair extension brush

It is normal to lose a 1-5 extensions between maintenances, these can be re-applied

Apply Jadore Heat and Protect spray prior to using heat styling tools. Rinse hair after swimming in chlorine or salt water

Avoid washing hair for 48-72 hours following tape and skin weft hair extension application

Following application wear the extensions in a low pony tail and low styles only for the rest week

When swimming, wear hair in loose plaint, never a bun or top knot

We want your extensions to last you a long time and continue to feel fabulous, this is why we only recommend the use of our specifically formulated Jadore Haircare products. By following the correct care and maintenance our Indian hair can last between 6-8 months and our Russian hair between 10-12 months.

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We offer various training sessions to suit your education needs. Whether you are a completely qualified stylist looking to refresh your skills, or are new to the wonderful world of hair extensions we can cater a session to suit. More information regarding the sessions available can be found by under our Education section