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Clip In Hair Extensions


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Jadore Clip-In Hair Extensions Australia

Do you want to create long and luscious locks? With Jadore Hair Supplies products, it has never been easier to instantly create beautiful body and length. Whether you are creating a new and modern hairstyle or are correcting any insecurities, our Jadore clip-ins are beautiful and ready to use.

The great thing about our clip-in hair extensions is that they are made from 100% premium Russian hair. We make sure they are the best grade of hair possible and are ethically sourced. Plus, they are a fast styling solution that can transform the look of your hair, creating volume, length and colour in under five minutes.

They are the most versatile option that we have at Jadore Hair Supplies, which is perfect if you’re in a rush or are looking for a quick transformation. What’s more, they take even less time to remove. They are incredibly easy to use and don’t require any experience to clip in. With proper care, our Jadore clip-ins can last between 12 to 24 months.

At Jadore, we take pride in the hair extensions that we offer our customers and always make sure that our premium quality products are created using the finest and softest grade of hair available on the market. What’s more, we also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to try them; that is why we offer natural-looking clip-in extensions at amazing wholesale prices. Our luscious Russian hair collection is affordable and high quality.

With Jadore, you never have to have a bad hair day ever again!


Beautiful Style

Clip-in hair extensions allow you to enjoy a beautiful style without having to wait months for your hair to grow. – you can instantly boast long and luscious locks for any special occasion. In addition, you can style them with heating tools such as straighteners and curling wands before you clip them in. There is no better way to boost your confidence and feel fabulous than wearing Jadore quality products.


What makes clip-ins better than glued or sewn-in hair extensions is that there is no commitment. You can enjoy fuller and longer hair for special occasions or events without having to commit to something more permanent. You have full control of when you wear your clip-in hair extensions so at the end of the day you can simply take them out.

Clip-In Hair Extensions are Easy to Use

They are really easy for anyone to use. You don’t have to be a professional; you simply clip them into place. This means you don’t have to have them sewn or glued-in by a hairdresser and you can do it yourself with very little experience. With quick attachment, you save time and you are ready to go in an instant.

Low Maintenance

If you are searching for a low maintenance styling technique, look no further than our premium range of Russian clip-ins. It is easy to take care of them and you only have to brush them to prevent tangles. You simply take them out and hang them up when they are not in use.

Frequently asked questions

Considering clip-in hair extensions, but not quite convinced? Here’s some of our commonly asked questions:

Your hair should at least reach the nape of your neck to be suitable for clip-in hair extensions.

To begin with, you only want to purchase 100% human hair extensions as they offer the best quality. Overall, you want to find out more about how the hair was treated and coloured and if it has an even thickness. You also want to make sure that the weft matches your natural colour. If you’re purchasing online, you may even want to visit a stylist first to be sure about the type you need.

The beauty of clip-in hair extensions is that they won't take longer than 5 minutes to apply, and removal is quick and easy too. Start by laying the extensions out on a flat surface and group them together by size. Next part and section off your hair so that you can start clipping them from the bottom up, layer by layer. If you’re needing placement advice, get in touch with our friendly team!

Since clip-in hair extensions don't require any chemicals or tools, your natural hair will be perfectly safe. With this being said, clip-in hair extensions are not always ideal for very thin or fine hair. If you’re not sure, visit a Jadore stockist near you for a consultation!

Jadore clip-in hair extensions will attach firmly to your hair without irritating your scalp or pulling on your natural hair. You won't be sleeping with your extensions either so you can expect maximum comfort.

To ensure you're choosing the right colour extension, use the middle to the ends of your hair as a reference – not your roots. If you're still torn between two colours, opt for the lighter shade as extensions can be dyed darker. A lighter shade can also give you a beautiful balayage effect without needing to colour your hair!

This will depend on how regularly you wear, style and wash your clip-in hair extensions. On average, these extensions last between 12 and 24 months with proper care. We recommend storing your set in our storage bag to keep them perfectly tangle-free.

Since oil & products will build-up on your extensions, you will need to wash them - but not as often as you would your natural hair. Most professionals recommend washing them after every 7 – 10 uses. Just be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that's safe for use. It’s also important to brush the extensions before you wash them as this will help prevent tangles. .

If you've chosen Jadore clip-in hair extensions, you can absolutely change the colour. With this being said, it's always a better idea to get a professional stylist to help you. The general rule is to only take your extensions 2 - 3 shades darker, never lighter.

You will not damage your hair by wearing clip in extensions every day. However, this specific type is designed for temporary wear and most women purchase them for special occasions. If you would like to extend the length of your hair on a daily basis, you might want to consider a more permanent extension method. Applying tape hair extensions will save you some time in the mornings and because they’re light, they also won’t damage your hair.

Before you style your extensions, be sure to apply a heat protection spray. If you will be curling or straightening the extensions, it’s best to style them before you apply them. This will prevent you from tugging on your hair unnecessarily. They can be styled in exactly the same way as your natural hair.

For fine hair that’s past collarbone length, our 120g set would work beautifully! For medium to thick hair, or hair that’s shorter than collarbone length, we would recommend our 150g for the most seamless blend.

If a clip on one of your extensions breaks, contact us and we can send you a replacement clip! The new clip will need to be attached using a needle and thread. Before you remove the broken clip though, take note of how it’s attached so that you can align the new clip accordingly.  

Extensions made with human hair can be treated in exactly the same way as your own hair. This means they can be straightened, curled and coloured if you want to change things up. Synthetic hair extensions can’t withstand high temperatures during styling and don’t blend as well with your natural locks. Remy, 100% human hair is the highest quality hair that’s available. Human hair extensions also look much more natural, which is why it’s recommended that you purchase clip-in extensions made with real human hair.   

Before you store your hair extensions, all of the hair extension clips should be shut. Next, brush them out to get rid of any tangles – remember to start at the ends. You can now either place your clip in extension hair in a storage box or case and place it in a cool, dry place. You also want to make sure that your extensions are completely dry before you store them.

If you clip the extensions correctly and not take them past the middle of your scalp, there’s no reason why the clips should show through when you wear a ponytail. If a ponytail is one of your favourite hairstyles, you might just want to purchase a clip-in ponytail instead.

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