How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions For Your Thin Hair

How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions  For Your Thin Hair

We get it - even though thin hair can still be styled beautifully, the desire of having fuller, bouncier hair can be hard to shake off. Luckily, ideal hair extensions for thin hair are out there, so you don’t have to let go of that dream - no matter how thin your natural hair is!

There’s a common misconception that all types of hair extensions are bound to damage your hair, so those with thin hair simply can’t wear them. So, a common question we get is - can you wear extensions with thin hair?

With high quality, natural hair extensions, thin hair can be transformed into a glamorous, voluminous look. Whether your hair is super fine or naturally thick and full, premium hair extensions should not compromise the health of your existing hair.

Ultimately, the best hair extensions for thin hair won’t damage the hair that you already have while adding more volume. Read on to find out more about the types of extensions and choose the right method for you!


Types of hair extensions

So, which extensions are best for thin hair? It really comes down to your ultimate hair goals. If you want a fast, temporary option to boost the volume of your hair for special occasions or simply on the days that you feel like it, clip-ins are your best option. On the other hand, if you’re after a longer-lasting solution that you can bathe, swim and sleep in, you’ll want to look a little further into the tape or weft hair extension methods.


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  • Clip-in

    Clip-in hair extensions are a great thin hair friendly option, thanks to the flexible nature of the application process. Quick and easy to apply, clip-in pieces can be placed in just the right sections of your hair for extra volume, allowing you to add as little or as many as you please to achieve the right thickness for the look you’re going for. They’re the easiest type of hair extensions to manage, since you can simply wear them when you feel like it and take them out in a damage-free process.

    Our Invisible Clip-In Boxset comes with 100% European Remy double drawn human hair, plus a high quality shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair at its premium condition. The extensions are designed with a 1mm thick bonded strip, so that it sits flat on your scalp with no obvious bulkiness - perfect for thin hair!

  • Classic tape

    If you want something longer lasting than clip-ins, tape hair extensions are known for their gentler method, since they don’t require heat or chemicals to apply. Tape extensions are applied with a medical-grade adhesive, attaching a thin and flat base to your natural hair. As a semi-permanent option, tape extensions are ideal for finer hair, thanks to the discreet connection between the quality extension hair and your natural hair.

    To maintain tape extensions, you will need to revisit your salon every four to six weeks to have them moved up as your hair grows out. As long as it is performed by a professional hair stylist, the process of moving the extensions should be gentle on your natural hair.

    However, the regular maintenance is totally worth it for the added bonus of being able to enjoy fuller hair 24 hours a day, if that is your goal!

    Our Russian Classic Tape extensions are made with 100% Remy hair - the finest quality of human hair extensions. Once you have chosen from our wide range of colours, they can be dyed to match your hair perfectly.

  • Invisible tape or skin weft

    An innovative step forward from the classic tape method, our Russian Invisible Tape extensions are applied with the same process as classic tape, however, they are made with a hand tied method to give the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp. This avoids the obvious taped-in look from ever showing through - ideal if you have super thin hair and are worried about the discreteness of your extensions.

  • Weft

    Sewn onto a horizontal strip to create natural-looking extensions, weft hair extensions can be applied with a micro bead or braided track method, adding the right amount of thickness that you need.

    Our Russian Weft extensions are applied closely to the scalp and with a bead that matches your hair colour, so they can seamlessly blend into your hair. Just like our other methods, the weft extensions won’t damage your hair, as they are designed to prevent breakage and be moved with ease when done by a trained hair professional.

    Even with thin hair, weft extensions can work well. It ultimately comes down to how thin your hair is and how much volume you would like to add.


Hair extensions for thin hair - Jadore model 03


How many extensions do you need for thin hair?

The amount of hair extensions that you will need will depend on the thickness of your hair, which will be different for everyone. If you want to use clip-ins, simply add as many pieces as you like to achieve your desired thickness. If you’re keen on the tape or weft methods, book a consultation at your nearest salon that uses Jadore hair extensions to work out how much hair you will need to add!

Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

If you already have thin hair, we bet that the last thing you will want to do is thin it out even more while in the process of making it look fuller. You’ll be happy to know that our extensions are designed to protect your natural hair with their application methods, whether you prefer clip-ins, tape or weft.

Jadore Hair Supplies

For premium, luxurious hair extensions that will blend perfectly with the shade and length of your natural hair, look no further than Jadore.

Our healthy-looking, hair-safe and invisible hair extensions for thin hair are all you need to get that beautiful, fuller look! Contact us today to find out more about the most widely loved extensions in the market.


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