What Makes Our Hair Different ?

The Process

At Jadore Hair Supplies, we always make sure that we provide superior hair extensions for our customers. In fact, we have spent over eight years researching our hair extension supplies to make sure we only offer the best. To achieve this, we source our hair from women around the world who purposely grow their hair for selling to the hair extension industry. In particular, this is a popular practice within Eastern Europe.



Our experienced team selects the highest quality European hair, ensuring that it has been ethically sourced and fair trade prices have been paid.



The hair is then assessed before processing. Temporary fastening is placed at the top and bottom of each ponytail to ensure it remains aligned in the direction of growth during the colouring process.



Our trusted and experienced team hand picks the best ponytails for our hair extensions. Not only do we choose the highest quality hair for our customers, but we also make sure that it is collected in an ethical way. Each and every seller is compensated with a fair and honourable payment for their hair.



A special tool is then used to remove any shorter or inconsistent hairs from the ponytails before being made into the desired method


Making of the Extensions

Once the hair has been cleaned, lifted, coloured, and sorted, it is then ready to be made into the desired method. The extensions are then hand-made in to either tape, weft or microbead applications. The final product is then packaged and then checked by our offshore quality control team before being shipped to our warehouse in Australia


Colour Checking

Once received in Australia, each batch is assessed by our Australian quality control team. The colours are compared to a control, and against previous batches to ensure consistency in colour. Each batch of hair is lifted from between a 5-7 level to an 8-9 then coloured to the desired shade. This helps us to get more accurate colours amongst various donor heads



A sample of each batch is measured to make sure it is the required length or more



The draw/ratio is then checked a second time to make sure it meets our standards


Wash & Wear Test

The hair is then deep cleansed to remove the anti static moisture treatment that is applied prior to packaging and the cuticle quality, colour fastness and strength of the hair is assessed. It is then dried and further assessed for cuticle quality when dry.


Final Approval

Once the hair has been approved through all of these check points it is then approved for release to our salons.

Ethical Standards Statement

In purchasing a Jadore product, you are supporting the production of ethically sourced hair.

Ethically sourced hair is hair that has been willingly donated by an individual who has given their consent and been paid a fair and equitable wage for their donation.

We have a well established, long-term relationship with our manufacturing team, who select the highest quality 100% Remy ponytail hair from Eastern Europe, which is what makes our product such high quality.

Our commitment to ethical standards extends from our hair donors right through to the manufacturing process, and we have developed a Code of Conduct for our factory to ensure that their operations reflect who they are as a brand. These requirements include:

  • An 8 hour work day as standard. Should an employee need to work overtime for any reason, they are provided with meals and are paid appropriately.
  • Employees are paid above industry standard
  • Thorough daily cleaning of the factory to maintain our high hygiene and sanitation standards
  • All equipment is regularly checked and maintained
  • All employees working in the dyeing department wear professional protective masks to reduce exposure to lightener

Thank you for making the decision to shop ethically and contribute to the fair-trade of hair extensions.