What Makes Our Hair Different ?

The Process

At Jadore Hair Supplies, we always make sure that we provide superior hair extensions for our customers. In fact, we have spent over eight years researching our hair extension supplies to make sure we only offer the best. To achieve this, we source our hair from women around the world who purposely grow their hair for selling to the hair extension industry. In particular, this is a popular practice within Eastern Europe.


1. Cut Pony Tails Are Selected Especially By Our Team

Our trusted and experienced team hand picks the best ponytails for our hair extensions. Not only do we choose the highest quality hair for our customers, but we also make sure that it is collected in an ethical way. Each and every seller is compensated with a fair and honourable payment for their hair.


2. Hair Is Checked And Assessed

The ponytails are examined and evaluated again at our factory to guarantee that the hair is up to the standard that we require for our products. The chosen ponytails are then carefully sewn with temporary coloured thread to indicate the top and bottom of the ponytail, which becomes important during the colouring process. It ensures that the hair is held together and it is in the right direction. This stops the hair becoming badly knotted and tangled. After all, we want our beautiful hair extensions to enjoy a long life.


3. We Use A Safe And Gentle Colouring Process To Retain The Cuticle And Its Strength

At Jadore, we offer a wide range of stunning colours. This is achieved through a careful colouring process, which involves using a gentle bathing method to match hair to our colour ring shades. In addition, this process makes sure the hair cuticle is not damaged. This stage can take a number of days or weeks, depending on the specific colour that is required. We never rush this stage and investing time in the colouring process makes sure that the hair extensions you receive match our colour swatches.

This helps make sure that you have everything you need to help your clients maintain their hair extensions.


4. A Special Process Is Used To Remove The Short Hairs And Ensure Thick Ends

Next, the hair goes through a manual process to guarantee that the ends are thick and healthy looking for our premium hair extensions. The hair goes through a drawing board and the short hairs are removed to ensure a full and thick ponytail.


5. Expert Technicians Create Our Hair Extensions By Hand

At this stage, the hair is ready to be made into hair extensions that you can buy from our website. Our skilled workers generate tape extensions, weft extensions, itip extensions and clip in extensions using the hair that has made it through the whole process. The extensions are created using only the highest quality products, such as USA walker tape. To assure the quality and consistency of our hair extensions, all of the them are checked by our quality control team and if they pass without any problems, they are shipped to our warehouse in Australia.


6. A Final Check Is Done To Ensure Perfection

Before the hair extensions are ready for distribution to our customers, every pack is examined by our team at the warehouse. This ensures the absolute highest standard of products that you can enjoy all year round. Once you order our hair extensions, they are packaged by hand and shipped out to your lovely salon!