About Us

Established in 2010

Australian owned & operated

Preferred brand of Australian Hairdresser of the Year

Shipping platinum member

International Shipper

150,000 orders dispatched milestone reached

Why Choose Jadore?

Jadore was founded in 2010 by people who live and breathe hair extensions. We had fallen in love with the way hair extensions made us look & feel, but finding a wholesale supplier who could supply good quality hair on a consistent basis was hard.

We spent over two years researching and testing different hair types, qualities & grades until we found a range of high-quality and truly premium hair extensions and application methods. Today, we are so proud to offer a range of ethically sourced, premium Remy Russian hair extensions for you to enjoy.

Since then, we’ve also added a range of hair care products specifically formulated for hair extensions. Clients were finding it hard to find products that they could use and would often end up with products that damaged their hair extensions, so we developed a range of hair care products that would give the hair extensions the nutrients they needed to last longer and prevent damage.

We are extremely proud to provide our customers with a luxurious and high-quality range of temporary and permanent human hair extensions.
Our range is used and loved in salons around the world.

Five Ways Jadore Can Help You …

1. Premium Double Drawn Hair Extensions

We’ve spent over five years researching and fine-tuning our hair extension supplies so that we only provide premium hair extensions.

Our hair extensions are cut from a ponytail and remains in the correct downward direction. This reduces the chance of bad knotting and tangling, meaning your clients’ extensions will last longer.

All our hair extensions are double drawn. Double drawn hair is manually checked for any short hairs. Any short hairs are removed to ensure that each hair extension strand is full from the top to the bottom (no thin ends). This improves the completed look, massively.

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2. Leading Range Of Hair Types And a Large Selection Of Colours…

We’ve taken the time to trial all the different types of hair extensions on the market until we identified the leading ones.

We supply both of the current leading types on the market: Indian and European (or Russian, as it’s sometimes referred too).

We also have those available in a wide range of colours.

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3. Leading Range Of Application Methods…

We’ve identified the best application methods for you to use. The best method of applying hair extensions depends on your clients’ lifestyle. To make sure you get the most suitable application for your clients, we offer specialised leading application methods.

This includes beaded extensions, tape extensions, and weft extensions. There are pros and cons with all these methods, but by offering all of them we can make sure you have the one that suits your clients’ hair type.

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4. Leading Range of Hair Care Products…

We’ve developed a leading range of hair care products that have been designed specifically for hair extensions.

This includes shampoos and conditioners with the natural oils and nutrients that hair extensions need, while excluding protein, sulfates and alcohol that damages hair extensions.

We also provide styling products and accessories, making us your one-stop shop for your hair extension supplies.

This helps make sure that you have everything you need to help your clients maintain their hair extensions.

5. A Dedicated Customer Support Team 

You have access to a dedicated customer support team who can help you with everything you need concerning your hair extensions, from training and support to looking after your order with same day dispatch and express delivery.