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What Makes Russian Hair Extensions Unique

What Makes Russian Hair Extensions Unique

Hair extensions have been around for a long time, and extensions that are not synthetic but made from human hair not only look really natural but blend in and feel like your own head of hair. Stylists have recognised this is the case and matching extensions to their client’s hair colour and texture is far easier if they can offer real hair extensions.

A lot of hair extensions that are bought in come from China, where there is a noticeable difference in the texture between that and the hair of clients from the west. Women in the West tend to have finer hair whereas Chinese hair is thicker and coarser.

To make these extensions feel lighter and smoother, very often they have to go through a chemical process before it is sold on to salons. This involves stripping the outer layer of the hair or the sheath to take away the cuticle layer. As this hair typically is darker, it then has to be bleached in order to lighten the shade. After that, to smooth down the hair strands, it is often coated with a silicone product.
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Hair sourced from Russian donors is very similar to the hair type found in the Western world. It comes in a range of shades from the very light blonde through to the coppery tones of the redhead and the brunette to darker colours.

As it does not have to go through a chemical process to refine the hair, it is a natural product. This is what makes Russian hair extensions stand out from other globally sourced hair products.



As the stylist is working with a natural product, it will stay looking good after washing and drying just as our own hair does. Even though in effect it is a “donated” product, it is important to realise that the hair on our head is actually biologically “dead”. Once it has grown from the follicle or root, the hair fibre is no longer nourished with a blood supply. However, due to its really amazing structure, if we care for our hair it can look and feel healthy and shiny.

So when we decide to have hair extensions, we sometimes end up with something that is made from a synthetic material that goes frizzy or dull after one or two shampoos. As Russian hair extensions are real hair products, then it blends in with our natural hair so that keeping it looking good all over is no different from how we normally care for our hair.



Women with fine hair who want to have thicker locks need to make sure that the overall appearance of their hair extensions blends in with their own head of hair. Their hair may have a slight kink or curl to it, and as Russian hair extensions come from human donors, stylists can more easily match hair pieces to blend in seamlessly with their clients’ own hair, which is not possible with other synthetic extensions.



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