Wedding Hair Extensions: Here is Why Jadore Clip-in Hair Extensions are Perfect for Your Big Day

Wedding Hair Extensions: Here is Why Jadore Clip-in Hair Extensions are Perfect for Your Big Day

Have you been browsing through hair inspiration pictures for your big day, and have found yourself favouring the styles that need more hair than you currently have? Well, at Jadore, we think that you should have exactly what you want, on a day that is as special as you deserve to feel!

Luckily, there’s a way to achieve your ideal look in an easy, affordable, and damage-free way. Jadore hair extensions are especially designed to create glamorous, luxurious locks, without compromising the health of your natural hair. In particular, our clip-in extensions are perfect for creating effortlessly beautiful styles, allowing you to simply return to your natural hair at the end of the day. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of wearing clip-ins to get that style you’re dreaming about, on the day you’ve always dreamed of.

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The benefits of J’adore clip-ins


The flexible, versatility, high quality and temporary nature of our clip-ins come with many benefits for the wearer. The following list includes just some of the reasons why our clip-ins are loved by many customers around the world:

Get instantly fuller, longer hair

Waiting months and months for your natural hair to grow can be a disheartening process, especially when your natural hair still isn’t as thick and voluminous as you would like.

Clip-in extensions are an easy way to achieve thicker and longer hair in a matter of seconds, in a way that looks natural and discreet. Whether you want a slightly longer and fuller style or want to dramatically increase the length of your hair, clip-in extensions can achieve the look that you desire.

A natural look to blend seamlessly with your natural hair

Since J’adore hair extensions are premium quality, our extensions will naturally blend into your hair. With our clip-ins, your hair will look healthy, bouncy and full, as if you have magically grown your natural hair in seconds.

Our wide variety of colours, available in black all the way to ash blonde, allows you to find the right shade for your hair. With a colour to closely match your natural hair, you can create the most seamless look possible. You can even go for a slightly different tone to create a balayage, multi-toned look - without the long-term commitment of hair dye or bleach! 

A simple and fast application process

If you’re worried about making your stylist take longer to get your hair done on what might seem like a stressful morning, you’d be happy to know that clip-ins are so easy and quick to apply. On that note, we do recommend trying out your extensions before your wedding day to make sure that the look is what you’re going for.

Whether you opt for our classic clip-in box set, our invisible clip-ins, a ponytail or the halo, our extensions are easy to work with when creating your dream style. In fact, giving your stylist more hair to work with can make their job a little easier, allowing them to have more flexibility in the look they can create. 

Heat-styleable to create any look you want

Just like your natural hair, our premium quality clip-ins can be heat-styled to create luscious curly locks or a sleek, straight look.

Clip-ins that are made with real human hair is the best option for this reason. While synthetic hair extensions can be cheaper, you won’t be able to use a curler or straightener on them, which limits the style options that you can wear. When adding volume to your hair, you want to extend the list of styles you can create - not restrict yourself further! Make sure to choose 100% real human hair clip-ins to benefit from your extensions as much as possible. 

Comfortable and secure to wear

Clip-ins may sound a little scary to wear, since they aren’t attached to your hair with a permanent or semi-permanent method, but worry not. Not only do our extensions sit securely in place, but they are designed to be discreet and comfortable to wear. Since our extensions are of the highest quality possible, your hair will also feel soft to the touch, so you can get the glamorous, healthy hair feel as well as the look.

All of our extension options are designed to last for as long as you want to wear your new style. You can feel confident that your clip-ins will stay in place all day and night, from walking down the aisle to dancing with your spouse, family and friends on the dance floor. 

Gentle on your natural hair

With a premium design, our clip-ins will avoid pulling on or tearing out your natural hair. With high quality clip-ins, you will get to wear the style of your choice, without compromising the health of your hair afterwards. Essentially, carefully designed clip-ins let you enjoy a temporarily fuller style without causing damage in the long-term. 

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Jadore: Premium hair extensions for a sophisticated style 


To create the look you’re dreaming of on your special day, J’adore hair extensions effortlessly add volume and length to your hair, without the commitment. 

The most versatile hair extension option, our range of clip-ins are perfect to treat yourself to a unique hairstyle that not only looks natural, but feels soft, healthy and luscious.  

As a bonus, by choosing J’adore, you’re supporting an ethical hair extension supplier. Not only are our clip-ins made with quality, real human hair, but all of our hair is ethically sourced. When you’re wearing the glamorous hairstyle of your choice on your special day, you can rest assured that your hair was sourced from willing donors and with fair trade prices. To learn more about our ethical standards and our process for ensuring premium quality hair, visit our website.

Need help choosing the right clip-in option? Contact us today! We’re here to help you make finding the perfect hair extensions a simple, supportive and enjoyable experience. Get one step closer to wearing your dream style by browsing our full range.  


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