How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions Supplier in Australia

How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions Supplier in Australia

So, you’re ready to treat yourself to fuller, more glamorous hair, but you’re not sure where to look. 

When it comes to finding the right hair extensions supplier, higher quality hair extensions will look more natural and healthy, as well as be more durable and styleable than lower quality options on the market. 

Essentially, the better quality the hair extensions supplies, the more you can get out of them. You want to be able to truly enjoy transforming hair that may be thinner or shorter than you would like into luscious, full and bouncy locks - that look completely natural and healthy! 

Read on for our ultimate guide on how to make sure that you source your hair extensions from the best hair extensions supplier in Australia - or perhaps the whole world! 

Look for 100% Remy hair 

For the highest quality hair extensions, premium Remy hair extensions are the way to go.

Remy hair is real human hair that has been cut from a ponytail, with the cuticles in the right direction. It makes for far better extensions than those that have been sourced from hair that has fallen onto the floor or from an unpaid donor (meaning that Remy hair is also ethically sourced!) 

With less processing and without silicone, Remy hair is less likely to become matted or easily tangled, and remains soft and natural in touch and appearance. Remy hair can also last the longest, being easier to care for to keep in their top quality condition. 

Since Remy hair is totally natural, it can be coloured and heat styled without causing damage, when done correctly. This means that it can match the colour of your hair as closely as possible, and can be styled into however you would like to wear it! 

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Aim to invest in higher quality

When it comes to finding premium quality hair that is long-lasting and looks totally natural, it’s important not to be persuaded by the cheaper (yet much lower quality) options out there. 

When you add length and volume to your hair, you want to be able to heat style it, enjoy it for as long as possible and have it look like it’s your own. For the best products in the market, it’s a good idea to save up to invest in hair extensions supplies of the highest quality - that way, you can get the most wear out of the product as possible, and essentially the most value! As the popular saying goes - you get what you pay for, and this is certainly true when it comes to quality hair extensions supplies. 

Make sure the hair extensions are ethically sourced

The best hair extensions supplier should always take ethics into account when creating their products. A glamorous, voluminous hair style is far more enjoyable and rewarding when you know that the gorgeous hair that makes up the style has been ethically sourced! 

When looking for a hair extensions supplier, make sure that you read into their products and how they are sourced, not only how they are made. Find a supplier that sources their hair from women who purposely grow their hair to donate to the hair extension industry and will be paid for their much appreciated donation. 

Check out their hair care products 

The best hair extensions supplier should not only provide high quality extensions, but they should ensure that their customers know how to keep their extensions in their premium condition. 

Take a look at their hair extensions supplies and instructions on how to care for the hair. If the supplier has products that are especially made to care for the extensions that you decide to purchase, it’s a good sign that they are dedicated to providing you with the best hair extensions in the market and making sure that you get to enjoy them for as long as you can. 

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Jadore Hair Supplies: Australia’s favourite hair extensions supplier

As Australia’s leading hair extensions supplier, Jadore has spent over eight years on researching our supplies to make sure that we only offer the best of the best. 

After ethically sourcing Remy hair extensions, we check and assess the hair to ensure that they meet our standards of quality. After using a gentle and safe colouring process, our hair extensions stay strong, healthy and shiny, ready to add volume and length to our customers hair and create the gorgeous look that they desire. Read more about our process here 

As for hair care supplies, we make sure that our customers are set up for success with our quality hair care range, exclusively designed to care for Remy extensions.  

Our extensions are worn and loved by many around the world, created with the passion to provide the best quality hair in the industry. 

Check out our full range of hair extensions or contact us today to find out more!  


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