7 Winter Care Tips for Hair Extensions

7 Winter Care Tips for Hair Extensions

As the sunshine filled days of summer start to slip away it’s time to think less about spending days on a sandy beach. It's time to focus more on those cosy nights indoors. The winter months bring with them a relief from the scorching summers. But they also bring with them colder drier hair that can take a toll on our skin, hair and of course our hair extensions.

With the right care you’ll be able to keep your hair extensions looking and feeling their summer best.

1. Switch Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Your skin has different needs between seasons. You wouldn’t allow your skin to dry out during the winter by using products that don’t meet the needs of your winter skin.

The same should hold true for your hair and your hair extensions. Consider switching your shampoo and conditioner for those better suited to meet hair's winter needs. The cold dry winter air has a habit of draining the natural moisture from your hair and from your extensions. If you don’t take the right steps to address it, it can result in your hair looking a bit peaked. It can also lead to your extensions degrading much faster than they would otherwise.

So, what can you do? Your lightweight summer haircare products should be switched out for those that offer your hair a hydration boost. Products that are chemical-laden are not necessarily the best choice. They have the potential to strip extensions of their natural colour. Instead, opt for moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners that have been designed to meet the needs of extensions and natural hair both.

Consider also using leave-in conditioners or products that contain Argan oil. They can help keep the frizz at bay. They can also help keep hair moisturised when you’re out and about.

2. Don’t Forget the Trim

Both summer and winter activities can lead to split ends and breakage. Keeping the ends of your hair trimmed neatly will help to keep the split ends from getting worse. It’s also always a good idea to trim your natural hair prior to getting your extensions placed, or just before you move them up.

3. How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

Are you guilty of washing your hair each and every day? During the winter it might be wise to ease up on just how often you’re washing your locks. Washing your hair daily, or over-washing your hair, will ultimately strip the hair and extensions of their natural oils. Your extensions don’t have the ability to replace the stripped natural oils like your natural hair will.

Consider switching to washing hair every other day. You can rely on dry shampoo on the days that you don’t wash your hair. Consider opting for a high ponytail or a bun on those non-washing days. You’ll love the way that it looks, and help to keep it from the perils of over-washing.

Another tip is to ensure that you aren’t using water that’s entirely too hot. This can dry out your skin and hair both. Keep the temperature comfortable, without being too hot.

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4. Chill on The Heat Styling Tools

You know just how much potential damage that your heat styling tools can cause to your extensions and natural hair. We know how much you love and rely on your styling tools to help you to create the perfect looks. You don’t need to completely do without them, just reduce your usage to avoid drying out and breaking your hair and extensions.

Lowered temperatures, whether from your blow dryer or your straightener, can help to preserve the condition of your locks. That said, be sure that your hair is completely dry before you step out into the dry and cold air. Doing otherwise could potentially result in tangles and breakage concerns.

5. Invest in Quality Care Products

Be sure that you are taking the right precautions for your hair and extensions. Use products that are designed for use on hair extensions. This could include products that will help to protect your hair against the potential damage from the heat that comes from those styling tools. If you are ready to start using the best quality products in Australia, you can visit our online store here.

Weekly hair treatments and masks are also a must for keeping your hair and extensions in good shape during the winter months. These essential treatments can help to keep your extensions looking vibrant, feeling soft, while locking in moisture and helping to prevent any damage.

6. Protect Your Hair from Frizz and Damage

A comfortable cosy hat is a must on those ultra-chilly days. But even the softest of hats can potentially lead to frizz and the risk for damage to your hair and extensions. There are several options to keep your hair protected, including wrapping your hair with a silk scarf before you put your plush hat on. This will help to keep your hair protected from the dreaded static and frizz. It will also go a long way towards protecting your hair from unsightly hat hair, while also working to preserve your hair’s moisture.

7. Boost the Moisture of Your Indoor Air

A surprising way to help keep your hair, extensions and even your skin hydrated during the winter months is to invest in a humidifier. The drier winter air combined with indoor heating can result in ultra-dry air inside of your home. The humidifier can make an incredible difference that you’ll definitely notice.


Taking the time to add a few extra steps to your winter haircare regimen will go a long way towards ensuring that you get through the winter months with your hair and extensions looking fresh and near perfect.



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