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Ponytail Hair Extensions – The What, Why & How

Ponytail Hair Extensions – The What, Why & How

Not having enough length or volume to enjoy the hairstyles you really want to is a common issue for many women. A long, sleek ponytail is a basic but beautiful hairstyle but you do need length and volume to create it.

If you weren’t born with long, luscious locks, don’t worry, a stunning, head-turning ponytail can still be yours with the help of ponytail hair extensions.

Not only are these extensions comfortable but they look and feel like your natural hair too – provided you purchase Remy extensions.

Whether you want longer hair for a special occasion or your day-to-day looks, ponytail hair extensions are the ideal hair accessory.

Ponytail Hair Extensions – The What

Ponytail hair extensions are designed to add thickness and length to your ponytail. The result is a bouncy, voluminous and healthy ponytail that looks and feels great.

Even if you choose to put your hair in a braid or bun, you can keep the extensions in for a fuller effect.

A ponytail extension is generally 18 – 20 inches long and can be applied using a clip. Extensions that are made from real human hair are the recommended choice if you want a soft and natural result. It’s also recommended that you get a storage bag for when your extension isn’t in use.

Ponytail Hair Extensions – The Why

Here are just a few of the reasons why so many women choose to own a ponytail hair extension.

  • Create longer, fuller ponytails. If your ponytail is usually short and thin, this is an instant fix. And you can use it whenever and as often as you want to.
  • Enjoy more hairstyle possibilities. If you’ve been dreaming about creating new hairstyles but haven’t had the length or volume for them, that’s about to change. Once you clip in a ponytail hair extension, you can enjoy so many more hairstyles. 
  • Improves the appearance of unwashed hair. If you’ve gone a few days without washing your hair but really want to head out for drinks or dinner – grab your ponytail hair extension. You can now enjoy a beautiful up- style without having to worry about limp, greasy hair.

Ponytail Hair Extensions – The How

Lastly, let’s look at how you would use ponytail hair extensions. If you are planning to curl or straighten the extension, do so before you attach it. Here are the steps you should follow:
  • Put your natural hair into a ponytail. Using a brush and a hair tie, place your hair into a high ponytail close to the crown of your head. You want the ponytail to be slightly higher than you want to wear it. Secure it with a hair tie before moving onto the next step.
  • Brush the extension. Before applying the ponytail extension, brush it gently using a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush – the hair needs to be tangle-free to make it easy to manage.
  • Place the ponytail extension. Start by placing the clip of the extension underneath your hair tie at the top of the ponytail. Next, slowly start wrapping the extension around your ponytail until it overlaps and is secure.
  • Conceal the band. For an extra sleek look, wrap a strand of hair around the base of the ponytail to conceal the band – you can use a bobby pin to secure it.
  • Make sure it’s secure. Lastly, move your head around to make sure your beautiful ponytail is secure. You can now leave it as is or transform it into a braid or bun.

If you’re new to hair extensions, you may even want to get a stylist to help you the first time so that your ponytail looks perfect every time.


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