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5 Tips to Get A Natural Look with Clip-In Extensions

5 Tips to Get A Natural Look with Clip-In Extensions

One of the biggest misconceptions about clip-in extensions is that they will look fake once they have been styled into your natural hair. While this is certainly possible, particularly if the extensions are not the best quality, extensions don’t need to look unnatural. The goal of extensions is to make them blend in as naturally as possible. We’ve got some great tips for you to ensure that your clip-in extensions look realistic. By following these tips, you’ll be able to feel confident each time that you clip the extensions in place.

Tip One: Consider Quality

 One of the more important considerations about your clip-in extensions is the quality and the type of extensions. Are you ordering synthetic hair? Or are you purchasing real human hair clip-in extensions? Human hair will offer you a look that matches closely to your natural hair.

With the variations in costs, it can be quite tempting to order lower cost synthetic hair. However, if you want to achieve the most natural look, human hair is the way to go!

Keep in mind that one of the best benefits to using real human hair is that it offers additional styling benefits. Synthetic hair typically doesn’t respond well to heat styling. By using human hair extensions, you will have many more styling options available to you. Be sure that when you do use heat on your extensions that you use a heat protectant. You should be applying this to your natural hair as well. It will keep your natural hair from burning up and drying out from styling tools.

Tip Two: Matching the colour

 For the most natural look, you will want to select extensions that are the closest in colour to your current hair colour. Styling and blending will be much easier as a result. The most effective way to colour match is to look at the colour of the ends of your hair. Keep in mind that even one or two shades too light or dark may stand out and look quite noticeable. If you are unsure on what colour to choose, please reach out our friendly team at Jadore Hair Supplies. 

Tip Three: Consider the placement of the extensions

 Perhaps one of the best steps that you can take to make your clip-in extensions look beautifully natural is to understand the best placement for them. The thickness and number of the extensions will typically dictate placement. Placing them at an angle, and clipping multiple pieces close together, can help to give you that natural illusion of fullness and thickness. 

A full-length mirror can help you to see what you are doing, particularly when you are working with the back of your hair. It may also benefit you, if you work with a hair stylist. They can show you some of the best placement choices so you can achieve the looks that you love.

Tip Four: Make sure you have applied enough extensions 

 It’s important to ensure that you have plenty of clip-in extensions on hair, to match the density of your natural. If your hair is naturally thin, you may not need as many extensions to achieve the look you’re after. Consider that if your hair is shorter right now, you will need a fair number of extensions to layer and cover up the shorter layers. Perhaps one of the first giveaways that someone is wearing extensions is if they don’t have enough pieces clipped in. Your hair can appear to be patchy, uneven and unnatural. 

Tip Five: Consider differing lengths

 If your natural hair is shoulder length and is all one length, you may not need to invest in multiple lengths of extensions. However, if your hair is longer or you have layers, you should consider investing in differing lengths in the extensions. The longer pieces will give you the beautiful length, while the shorter clip-in extensions can be used to blend in well with the shorter layers you have. Opting for two lengths can allow you to get a natural look and ensure that the extensions blend seamlessly with your own natural layers.

It is possible to have your clip-in extensions look completely natural. By following our handy tips, you’ll be well on your way to wearing your clip-ins with complete confidence.


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