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Why Jadore Tape Hair Extensions are the Preferred Choice

Why Jadore Tape Hair Extensions are the Preferred Choice
When it comes to beauty and fashion, it’s possible to achieve any look you want to. Women have more choices available to them than ever before and the options are exciting.

Hair extensions were once only used by models and celebrities. Today, however, everyone can enjoy more length and volume without having to grow their natural locks.

Not all hair extensions are the same though and if you’ve just started considering this option, chances are, you’ve heard a lot about tape hair extensions.

There’s a reason why this is one of the most popular hair extension options on the market today.

Why More Women Choose Jadore Tape Hair Extensions

1. Maintenance is Minimal

Tape hair extensions are thin and one of the easiest to maintain. In fact, they’re so lightweight and comfortable, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them at all. Once your extensions are applied, you only need to move them up the hair shaft again after 10 – 12 weeks. There is a small exception though. If you want to enjoy the perks of minimal maintenance, it’s important to purchase quality Remy hair extensions. Remy means the extensions are made with real human hair, which means you can treat them like your own hair. Yes, you do need to think twice about the products you use and be gentle when washing and styling, but that’s as complicated as it gets. Synthetic hair extensions are much harder to maintain and won’t last as long.

2. Safe for Thin Hair

Many women with thin and fragile hair would love to use extensions but are worried about the damage they will do. Tape hair extensions won’t damage thin hair because they’re so light. They also don’t require any harsh chemicals or heat to apply – this also helps reduce damage. Along with being easy to apply, tape hair extensions are also easy to remove and will leave your natural locks in place.

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3. Explore Different Shades

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with highlights and different hair colours, extensions are the ideal way to do so without the commitment. If you do want to choose extensions that are the same colour as your natural hair, use the middle and ends of your strands as a reference. If you want to experiment, speak to a stylist about your colour options to ensure a natural result. Hate the colour after a month? Simply remove the extensions.

4. They’re reusable

If you correctly care for your tape hair extensions, you simply need to replace the tape and you can reuse them. If you enjoy having longer, thicker hair and love trying out new hairstyles, all you will need to do is purchase new tape in the future. Tape hair extensions are a cost-effective investment.

5. Enjoy More Versatility

Your hair is immediately more versatile once you install tape hair extensions. If you’ve ever wanted to have long, beachy waves or braids, a sleek ponytail or a beautiful up-style, hair extensions make this possible. It’s for this reason that so many brides install extensions before their big day – it gives them so many new hairstyle options. In fact, hair extensions are ideal for any special occasion.

Jadore tape hair extensions are the preferred choice because of how easy they are to apply and maintain and because of the possibilities they offer. Whether you are new to the world of extensions or want to switch to a gentler option, tape hair extensions could be right for you. Just make sure that if you’re going to invest in hair extensions that they’re made with real human hair – much more worthwhile and they look and feel great too!

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