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Blonde Shampoo 250ml
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15 Questions about Halo Hair Extensions: Answered by J’adore Specialists

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If you’re looking for a temporary yet sophisticated way to take your hair to the next level, J'adore hair extensions has your solution. One of our popular types of clip in extensions, halo hair extensions instantly add thickness and length to your hair, in a way that is discreet and natural-looking.

Halo hair extensions are made in a variety of colours, including ombre styles to blend in perfectly with your normal hair. Fit with five clips for secure attachment and two adjustable elastics, the piece will fit comfortably in your hair and clip into your hair in a fuss-free process.

To find out everything you need to know about our premium quality, 100% European human hair extensions, here are some frequently asked questions answered by J’adore experts.


1. Why choose halo hair extensions over permanent methods?

While permanent methods of hair extensions have their benefits, sometimes we aren’t quite ready for the commitment. Halo extensions temporarily add volume and length to your hair, while still looking as sophisticated as permanent methods - but only if they are of premium Remy quality. Remy quality means hair that still has its cuticles intact and has not been treated in a way that strips all of the goodness that makes it healthy away.

With their simple design of one long piece that sits at the crown of your head, between two sections of your natural hair, halo extensions are easy to apply and remove as you please.


2. Where can I wear my halo extension?

You can wear halo hair extensions on special occasions, like birthday parties or weddings, or you can simply wear it on ordinary days when you feel like making your hair a little extraordinary.

Really, there’s no limit to the places you can wear your extension - however it’s best that you remove them if you are swimming in the ocean or in a swimming pool.


3. How do I apply my halo extension?

After brushing through your natural hair, divide your hair into two parts so that you create a space horizontally at the crown of your head for the halo. Be sure to leave enough hair to frame your face, as well. Then, clip your halo in place using the five clips, securing it to the strands of your hair at the bottom section, close to the roots. If you want a really secure hold, it is best to back comb slightly & hairspray the hair where the halo will be clipped on.

Once you have the halo in place, you will then want to let the top section of your hair down and brush through all of your hair, including the halo. Feel free to make any adjustments to how your hair is sitting to create the most discreet look. Brushing your hair will help the Remy hair and your natural hair blend together seamlessly.

Finally, move your head around to make sure that the halo is secure. You should be able to move comfortably, without feeling any of the clips pulling on your hair, and the halo should stay still as you move around. If it doesn’t feel right, repeat the process once more. After applying your halo, you can then create any hairstyle of your choice, enjoying the extra hair to work with.

Beautiful model with J'adore halo hair extensions 02


4. Is my hair too short for halo extensions?

Halo extensions work best on hair that is around collarbone length or longer, and fine to medium thickness. This is because they blend best when there is an adequate amount of the natural hair already.

If you have shorter or really thick hair, worry not - check out our clip in sets of seven pieces, which allow for more flexibility in length and placement.


5. Can the extension piece move out of place?

If you have applied your halo extension correctly, it should sit comfortably and securely. You should be able to move freely - from running to dancing - without the extension moving out of the intended place.

If you ever have trouble applying your halo extension, contact our friendly team and we will be happy to help you out.


6. Will clip-in halo extensions damage my natural hair?

Although the clips hold well, they should not pull on your natural hair. The clips should also not pull out your hair as you remove the halo piece. Just make sure that you are correctly applying your halo and remove it gently.

In fact, halo extensions are great for those who are trying to grow their natural hair longer and still want to enjoy fuller hair in the meantime.

Blonde hair extensions 03, Jadore hair Supplies, back view


7. Is my hair too thin for halo hair extensions?

Halo extensions can be perfect for finer hair. The elastic strip and clips should lay flat on your head, allowing you to conceal the attachment point with your natural hair over the top.


8. Can I heat style my halo hair extension?

Yes! Our 100% Russian human hair extensions are of premium quality, meaning that they can be heat styled as you please. Just remember to apply a salon quality heat protectant first. If you plan to heat style your extension often, we recommend to regularly use a deep treatment to keep it in its best condition.

A good tip is to heat style your extension before you apply it to your hair and simply make any finishing touches once you have clipped it in.


9. What are the best products to use when washing my extension?

When washing your halo extension, make sure to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner that does not contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. If you’re not sure where to look, check out our online hair product store for the best products to use for premium extensions.


10. Will I be able to swim with halo extensions?

Before swimming in the ocean or chlorinated water, you should unclip your halo. The salt and chemicals present can dry out your extension, causing matting, tangling and even further damage.

If you’re unable to take your halo out, tie your hair up and avoid submerging your hair into the water.


11. How do I perfectly match my extension piece to my hair colour?

To find your perfect shade, take a look at the colour of the middle of your hair to the ends - not the roots. If your hair is currently in an ombre style, be sure to select one of our ombre options that best matches the tones of your hair at the ends.

Hair extensions model 04, gorgeous blonde wearing Jadore halo hair extensions


12. Can I sleep while wearing my extension?

No, it is important to remove halo hair extensions before sleeping, to prevent tangling and putting pressure on the clips. Halo extensions are designed to be worn for the day or for a special night occasion and simply be unclipped before you go to sleep.


13. How long do halo extensions last?

Halo hair extensions that are well looked after can last for about 12 months, before you’ll want to replace the piece with a fresh one.


14. What is the best way to keep my extensions in good shape?

To make sure that your halo hair extensions will retain their premium quality for as long as possible, you should wash your piece after wearing it with a good shampoo and conditioner. You’ll especially need to wash it if you got your extension a little sweaty or wet while you were wearing it. You should also regularly brush your extension to keep it from tangling or matting. Our boar bristle brush is designed to be suitable for extensions and won’t rip out any strands of hair.


15. How do I store my halo hair extension when I’m not wearing it?

When you’re not wearing your halo, you will need our clip-in storage bag, designed for hair extensions. Make sure you brush through your halo before storing it.


J'adore Hair Extensions: The Finest, Premium Quality Remy Hair

For the most natural-looking, versatile and long-lasting halo hair extensions, head to our online store and find your perfect colour match.

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