5 Reasons Clip-In Hair Extensions Are A Healthy Hair Accessory Choice

5 Reasons Clip-In Hair Extensions Are A Healthy Hair Accessory Choice

We’ve all known the frustration that can come from having unhealthy and fried hair. Whether you have had a bad experience with home bleaching products or a stylist who went too short, issues with our hair can be all too common. Perhaps you are considering opting for wigs or extensions? Perhaps you are considering changing up your colour with highlights or other colouring options? There are a number of solutions that can restore your signature look or help you create a new hairstyle. 

The issue is that not all of these solutions are the healthiest choice for your hair. Hair extensions offer a convenient way of getting just the look that you want. Without risking the good health of your hair. If you are looking for a quick solution, with the convenience of being able to remove them when you want to, clip-ins are a great choice.

We’ve gathered 6 reasons that just might compel you to turn to clip-ins. You will find clip-in extensions to be a great option the next time that you want to restore your signature look or switch things up with something new.

Reason 1: Minimising Heat Damage

You can style clip-in hair extensions prior to using them. This can help to minimise the amount of damaging heat that you expose your natural locks to. Style the extensions before you set them in place. Your natural hair can be spared, particularly if you are adding pieces for extra volume and length.

Reason 2: Clip-Ins Are Removable

Clip-in hair extensions are very easy to set in place. In addition, they are just as easy to remove. This will allow you to give your hair a rest between wearing the extensions. This means that you will be able to use the treatments and masks that keep your hair healthy and glossy. It doesn’t need to be a challenge to properly maintain your natural hair beneath glued or sewn in extensions. Extensions can be great when your hair isn’t in the best of health. The ability to quickly remove your clip-ins allows you the freedom that you need to maintain the good health of your natural hair.

Reason 3: Minimising Tension

Are you trying to grow out your hair? Or perhaps help it heal from being fried? Then you want to minimise tension on the hair follicles. While taped or beaded extensions don’t necessarily place excessive strain on your hair follicles, it can be good to allow them to rest when you don’t need to look your best. Being able to remove your clip-ins at the end of the day will ease strain and tension and allow your follicles to stay healthy. This is particularly important if you are trying to regrow your healthy luscious locks.

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Reason 4: Preventing Breakage and Thinning

Clip-in extensions use very small combs. This can go a long way towards preventing the breakage and thinning of your hair. If your hair is brittle or otherwise not in good health, this is a key factor in maintaining your hair. The small combs will clasp securely onto your hair. As a result, they will not tug painfully if they have been set in place correctly.

The combs are also a great option for the health of your hair. They don’t bring the risk of pulling out your hair when you remove them. If you remove the clip-in combs carefully, you should not snag or break your natural hair. This is due to the fact that the clip-ins do not place direct pressure onto the roots. With the placement of an extension a half inch away from the root, you will be allowing the area to breathe freely even after you've added several pieces.

Reason 5: Versatility Without Risk

Are you looking to add a splash of colour to your hair? Perhaps you have been considering adding highlights to your hair? You could consider opting for clip hair extensions that add all of the colour without the risk. Clip-ins, in varying shades, allow you to get just the right look and not risk the health of your beautiful hair.

You know that there are a number of great benefits to opting for clip-in hair extensions, including the versatility and convenience that they offer. Knowing that they can help to keep your natural hair healthy should be just one more great benefit that has you relying on them to restore or create the looks that you love.



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