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Experience quality with Jadore’s I-Tip hair extensions. We use only the highest-quality Russian and Indian keratin for our I-tip bonds to make your cold and hot fusion installs long-lasting and flawless. Our I-Tip hair extensions are available in straight, wavy and curly textures, in multiple colours and come with 50 strands per pack.


Our Remy Tape-In extensions come from 100% Remy human hair and high-quality tape adhesive that is stable, non-damaging and safe. We have over 24 colours and multiple lengths available to pick from. Each pack has 20 pieces. You can combine colours to create a highlighted look or a multidimensional look. Perfect for those who are in between shades and want to mix colours.

Skin Weft

Skin weft extensions are a hand tied tape weft product that significantly reduces the risk of heating up the bonding glues, which can be damaging. Skin weft extensions are a very compatible method for all hair lengths and hair types. We make use of an advanced compound that can be easily removed by our gentle removal spray. These extensions are applied the same way that tape in hair extensions are but, are less visible as they are made to resemble the hair growing from the scalp.


Hair weft extensions are applied through the bundles of weaved hair by way of stitching. Weft extensions can be applied through braiding or micro bead methods.

Sample Pack

At Jadore, we also offer sample packs to cover all of your haircare needs. Ask us about our sample pack on our premium 100% Remy hair extensions.

Clip In

Clip in hair extensions are a quick and convenient way of instantly achieving longer and thicker hair. Clip in hair extensions are very popular as a client can wear them anytime without having permanent glues, waxes or weaves in their hair. Clip in extensions are budget-friendly and an efficient and easy way of having that perfect look — it’s a simple do it yourself method that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Our clip in hair extensions are able to be used for full head application or for quick fixes and highlights, just apply as many pieces from the clip in set as you wish. We assure you that we only use human hair meaning that you can style, straighten or curl your hair extensions however you want. We offer the best clip in hair extensions in Australia. For each set we choose the highest-grade extensions on the market with 150 grams of handpicked soft and beautiful hair.

Jadore Clip Extensions

Do you want to create long and luscious locks? With our Jadore clip in hair extensions, it has never been easier to instantly create beautiful body and length. Whether you are looking to create a new and modern hairstyle or are correcting any insecurities, our clip hair extensions are beautiful and ready to use.

The great thing about our clip-in hair extensions is that they are made from 100 percent human hair. We make sure they are the best grade of hair possible and are ethically sourced. Plus, they are a fast styling solution that can transform the look of your hair, creating volume, length and colour in under five minutes.

They are the most versatile option that we have at Jadore Hair Supplies, which is perfect if you are in a rush or are looking for a quick transformation. What’s more, they take even less time to remove. They are incredibly easy to use and don’t require any experience to clip in. With proper care, our Jadore clip in hair extensions can last between 12 to 24 months.

At Jadore, we take pride in the hair extensions that we offer our customers and always make sure that our clip in hair extensions are created using the finest and softest grade of hair available on the market. What’s more, we also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to try them; that is why we offer natural-looking clip hair extensions at amazing wholesale prices. Our collection is affordable and of high quality.

With Jadore clip-in hair extensions, you never have to have a bad hair day ever again!

Reasons to consider hair extensions

Hair extensions can allow you to change up the length, colour, volume and style of your hair without the long-term commitment! Experiment with your look by:

Adding length

If you have experienced hair loss or simply struggle to grow out your natural hair, hair extensions can add beautiful length to your hair. Or, say you've regretted a big chop, hair extensions can give you back your once long locks!

Changing colour

Thinking about changing up your colour by adding highlights and lowlights? If you aren't quite ready to commit to the change or are afraid of damaging your natural hair, adding hair extensions in different shades can help you experiment worry-free.

Adding volume

Do you have thin hair and dream of a more voluminous look? Whether you are wanting to add more volume on an everyday basis or just for special occasions, hair extensions can help you enjoy a fuller head of hair.

Enhancing styles

Short, fine hair can sometimes be hard to style. If you’re dreaming of mermaid waves or a thick, sleek pony, hair extensions can make any hairstyle longer and fuller.


The amazing thing about hair extensions is that they allow you to experiment with your look without damaging your natural hair. Plus, Jadore’s clip in extensions are super easy to apply and maintain - you’ll be rocking an enhanced look in a matter of minutes!

Jadore ITIP Extensions

Jadore I Tip (micro bead) hair extension sets are ideal for people who want to add extra volume, length or highlights to their hair. The I Tip hair extension method is quick and easy. There is no need for heat, glue or chemicals and that means no damage. This method uses a non-slip grooved bead to attach the hair extension to existing hair.

Our premium Remy I Tip hair extensions are all double drawn, equalling 1 gram per strand and each pack contains 50 strands. These professional quality hair extensions are used in top tier salons across the country.

Q. How do I choose the colour I want?

A. Take a look at the Jadore hair colour guide. Sometimes a lowlight or highlight similar to your hair colour will blend even better than a near match.

Q. How long do I Tip extensions last?

A. I Tip hair extensions generally last 6-9 months with the right care.

Q. How do I sleep with I Tip extensions?

A. When you first have your extensions applied, sleeping may feel a little uncomfortable. To help stop your hair extensions from tangling, put your hair in a loose braid and tie a silk bandana around the crown of your head.

Q. How do I wash my I Tip Extensions?

Before washing your hair, always thoroughly run a brush through the lengths, to help prevent any tangles. The most important part of washing your hair is to avoid all hair care products containing any protein or silicone. These products will weaken the bonds of your hair extensions, causing them to fall out, as well as damage the hair’s structure causing them to become knotty. When you’re applying shampoo, concentrate the shampoo on the roots of your hair and your scalp and only allow the product to run over the extensions when you are rinsing.

Apply a moisturising conditioner to your hair, avoiding the roots and bonds of the beads. Every second wash, apply a deep conditioning treatment to help extend the life of your hair extensions. Thoroughly wash all shampoo and conditioner out of your hair to remove any residue being left behind.

Q. How is Remy Hair different from other types of hair?

A. Remy hair has qualities like uni-lateral cuticle direction; this basically means that the hair follicles go in one direction. This uni-lateral sequence allows the hair to stay untangled. Hair that is not Remy is gathered with cuticles that face opposite directions, requiring a chemical process to remove the cuticle; making the hair more prone to tangling.

Jadore Tape extensions

If you’ve been dreaming about having beautiful long hair but don’t necessarily want to wait for your hair to grow out, tape hair extensions are the ideal solution. If you’re not sure where to begin, though, Jadore can help!

Our premium Russian and Indian Remy tape in hair extensions are all double drawn and amount to 2.5 grams per piece, with each pack containing 20 pieces. Our professional, high-quality extensions are used in top tier salons across the country.

Reasons to consider hair extensions

Whether you want to conceal a bad haircut or struggle to grow your hair out, hair extensions can completely transform your look. Hair extensions can help to:

Add length

Whether you’ve experienced hair loss or just don’t want to wait to grow your natural hair out, hair extensions can add beautiful length to your hair. Plus, many of us have regretted a big chop - tape in hair extensions can give you back your longer locks in no time.

Increase volume

We all know that thinner hair can be tricky to style. If you’re dreaming of a more voluminous look, hair extensions can add thickness to your hair.

Change up your colour

Considering changing your hair colour by adding some highlights and lowlights? If you are afraid to touch your natural locks, adding tape hair extensions in different shades can add dimension to your hair colour.

Enhance your signature style

The added length and volume that extensions give you hair can add more allure to any hairstyle, from mermaid waves to a sleek pony.

Our Jadore Hair Supplies tape hair extensions are beautiful and natural-looking. Plus, unlike temporary methods of hair extensions, there’s no need to take the time to apply them daily. Simply wake up with glam hair.

What are tape hair extensions?

Dreaming of thicker, longer, more luscious locks? If you’re considering hair extensions but don’t want to deal with the fuss of applying clip-ins every day, tape hair extensions may be for you.

Tape extensions are a semi-permanent method of hair extensions. As the name suggests, these extensions are made of pre-taped wefts, secured with a medical-grade adhesive, that get taped in between your natural hair using sandwich-like bonds. Tape in hair extensions are the preferred choice for many, as they do not require any chemicals or heat to apply. Even better, the application is as short as one hour.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of tape extensions:

Tape hair extensions are suitable for damaged hair

Tape-ins should not cause any harm to already damaged hair provided you see a professional for application and have them maintained on time. This makes them a great option if you’re looking to give your hair a break after severe colour breakage.

Tape hair extensions are quick to apply

Depending on your hair and how many tape wefts you may need, you could be in and out of the salon within an hour.

Tape hair extensions provide a natural look

The base of tape hair extensions are very thin and flat. When installed, your tape-in extensions will be practically invisible, giving you a naturally enhanced look.

Tape hair extensions are perfect for fine hair

As tape hair extensions are so natural-looking, they are perfect for those with a finer hair texture. If you don’t necessarily want a full head of extensions but still want the look of thicker hair, tape extensions can be customised to suit your hair goals.

Jadore Invisible Tape Extensions

Our extensive range of tape hair extension applications sets us apart from many of our competitors in the industry. This has let us provide our clients with exactly what they want. Our skin weft hair extensions are the same as the tape method; they are applied like a sandwich (the natural hair is positioned between two extension pieces). We have a variety of hair extensions such as Remy Indian hair extensions and Remy Russian hair extensions. Our wholesale Indian hair extensions can be purchased online but can also be retailed. Our skin weft hair extensions are far better than the standard tape extensions. They are hand tied to create the appearance that the hair is directly growing from the scalp. In this way, you do not get the shiny tape extension show through like the traditional method. This also significantly minimises the risk of heating up the bonding glues, which can be damaging. This is a very compatible method for all hair types of different lengths. We make use of an advanced compound that can be easily removed by our gentle removal spray.


  • Can be applied near hairlines and remain concealed
  • Easy to wear
  • Flat to the scalp
  • No stringy look at the ends
  • Provides a full look with less attachment points
  • Quick application
  • Very comfortable


  • Needs 48 to 72 hours before washing hair
  • Maintenance every 4-6 weeks
  • Skin weft extensions cannot be applied directly after a colour service
  • Longer maintenance time required.

We suggest that retail stores offer weft extension packages including Premium Remy J’adore hair extension per client’s choice, professional application, cut and blend by a qualified technician and follow up appointment.

Q. How long will my clip in hair extensions last?

A: At Jadore our extensions are made from 100% high-quality Remy hair. If you take proper care of your clip in hair extensions, they could last for up to a year. It’s really up to you!

Q. Does my natural hair have to be a certain length?

A. In most cases, if you have slightly short hair or shoulder length hair you should have no problem using clip in extensions.

Q. How much time does it take to apply clip in extensions?

A: The more you familiarise yourself with clip ins, the quicker you'll get at applying them. With some practice, it shouldn't take more than five minutes to apply and about one minute to remove them! You will get detailed instructions when you purchase your clip in set.

Q. How often should I wash my hair?

A. You can wash your clip in extensions just as you would your natural hair.


Q. Will anyone know I am wearing extensions?

A. Choosing the right curl and colour pattern is important. No one should be able to tell that you have hair extensions. With the right application, you'll know they are there but no one else will.

Q. How should I wash them?

A. The best way to wash your extensions is to wash your hair in the same direction; from the top to the bottom. Refrain from washing your hair in the sink. Use shampoos and conditioners for dry hair as they will add the most moisture to your extensions.

Q. How do I brush and blow dry my skin weft extensions?

A. When brushing your hair, ensure that you start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top part to keep it from stretching. For wavy and curly textures you may not want to brush them out because they can get frizzy. Let this type of hair air dry.

Q. How do I sleep with my skin weft hair extensions?

A. Make sure that you brush your extensions every night before you go to bed. We suggest putting up your extensions in a straight plait or a loose bun before going to sleep.

Jadore weft EXTENSIONS

What are weft hair extensions?

If you're looking for a versatile, natural-looking hair extension method, Jadore Hair Supplies' weft hair extensions may be the perfect solution for you. Our weft hair extensions are made from 100% human, double drawn, remy Russian hair that is sewn by machine into a horizontal strip, known as a weft. All you need to do is cut the extensions to size and apply them with your preferred method of beaded track.

Weft hair extension application usually takes between an hour to three hours to complete, depending on installation method, after which you can enjoy your new, flawless locks. With maintenance every 6-8 weeks and correct Jadore haircare usage, you can expect your extensions to last up to 12 months.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of weft hair extensions:

Weft hair extensions provide different levels of thickness

Weft hair extensions can provide different levels of thickness and are customisable to your client’s personal style and hair goals. Before applying a weft to your client’s head, you can cut and style the extensions to match their natural hair and desired thickness.

Weft hair extensions cause minimal damage to the hair

Weft hair extensions are designed to cause no damage to the natural hair. Jadore offers a range of training options to give you the confidence and skills to achieve your clients desired look.

Weft hair extensions allow you to experiment with your look

Thinking about changing up your colour by adding highlights and lowlights? If you aren't quite ready to commit to the change or are afraid of damaging your natural hair, adding weft hair extensions in different shades can help you experiment worry-free.

Weft hair extensions provide natural-looking results

Weft hair extensions are applied very close to the scalp, meaning that they look completely natural. The beads on the weft will also match your hair colour so, even when your hair is tied up, nobody will notice whether or not you have extensions.

Why choose Jadore weft hair extensions?

At Jadore Hair Supplies, we pride ourselves on our premium quality extensions and high levels of customer care. When you choose Jadore, you can expect:

  • Premium quality Remy hair. At Jadore, all of our hair is 100% human, remy, double drawn, Russian hair. When you choose us, you can expect only human hair of the most premium quality.
  • Large range of shades to choose from. Whether your clients are an icy blonde or a deep brunette or somewhere in between, our wide range of shades has a colour to suit everyone.
  • Afterpay and Zip Pay. Help your clients achieve the bomb hair of their dreams now, worry about payments later.
  • Fast delivery. With multiple delivery options available, you could have your premium hair extensions as soon as the very next day.
  • Leading hair care products. Our luxurious line of hair care products has been designed specifically for hair extensions to ensure you or your client maintain beautiful hair for the long term. 
  • Responsive Jadore staff. Our dedicated customer support team is available Monday to Friday to help you with anything you may need concerning your hair extensions.

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