Pump Up The Volume with Tape-In Hair Extensions

Pump Up The Volume with Tape-In Hair Extensions


If you have never used hair extensions and are trying to choose the best type, doesn’t it make sense to go with the method preferred by most hairstylists? There are several reasons why hairstylists prefer tape-in extensions over other extension methods and here are just a few reasons why:


Easy Application

Tape-in hair extensions are easy to install, and there are no specific tools needed. A good tail comb and clips will do the trick.
Jadore hair extensions come in different lengths and sizes for a perfect application. The application is painless and takes less time than most other hair extension methods.



When purchasing hair extensions, cost is always a factor. With tape-in extensions, you get more for your money. Why? Because tape-in extensions have a unique characteristic of flexibility in the application. For a voluminous look, you can apply the tape-in extensions using two pieces per section of natural hair. You can also use single pieces per section of natural hair sealed off with one-sided tape. This will allow you to spread the hair out more evenly for a more natural look.


Least Damaging Method

When taken care of properly, tape-in hair extensions, cause no damage to the natural hair. Normal hair shedding continues during wear of any hair extension method, so don’t be alarmed when your extensions are removed, and you see all the hair that was shed that couldn’t get out because of the hair extensions. Your natural hair will still be intact. The best way to get the least damage is to maintain your hair extensions properly during wear.


Long Lasting

Because the tape-in hair extensions sit quite flat on the head, they present as a much easier way to style the hair, and they look incredibly natural too. If you handle them gently, they will last you longer than other extension methods. Regardless of what hair extension method you choose, care should always be taken in detangling them and when using hot tools like curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners.


Tape-In Hair Extensions Are Comfortable To Wear

Tape-in hair extensions are very comfortable to wear. In fact, you hardly feel like you have them on! The tape is colour matched at the top and very fine; thus it goes completely undetected, and there are no bulges or bumps to annoy you. They are comfortable to sleep in, and no one needs to know you’re wearing them if you don’t want them to! They are perfect for people with thin and/or fine hair, as the extensions are well hidden.


Extensive Range Of Colour Options

Tape-in hair extensions are versatile when it comes to the colours that are available. For a highlighted look, you can add lighter pieces; For special events, you can add fun colours, and you can choose Ombre options in any colour you like; there are so many ways to customise colour with the tape-in method. As a result, you will save money, time, and damage to your natural hair by using the extensions to explore all of your colour desires!



 Talk with your stylist about tape-in extensions and their advantages

 Consult on the colour option that works best for you, have fun with it!

 Decide what length will suit you best, consider buying a longer length of extension than you actually want, to allow for trimming.

 Colour your natural hair first if you want to match the extensions to it. It’s not necessary or advisable to change the colour of the hair extensions, as there are many colours available for you to choose from.

 Take special care when combing and/or brushing the extensions and make sure you don’t pull at them. Hold hair at the top and work downward.

 Never fall asleep with wet hair unless it is pulled tight into a braid or ponytail. Doing otherwise can knot the hair and make it painful to get out.

 Take extra care with hot tools, especially at the top where the tape is applied. Too much heat can damage and dry out the tape area, causing the hair extensions to slip. To protect them against heat damage from curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers, and other hot tools use protective products.

 Ask your stylist about the expected time frame for re-application. Ensure that you keep your re-application appointment with your stylist — don’t delay.

If you do your homework and get the tape-in extensions that are right for you in colour, length, and density, you will be pleased with this type of extension. Changing your normal hairstyle for beautiful long locks can be styled dozens of ways with Jadore Hair Supplies. Cheers to your new look!



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