8 Night-Time Tips for More Beautiful Hair

8 Night-Time Tips for More Beautiful Hair
There’s nothing better than falling into a comfortable bed after a long day. Removing your makeup and brushing your teeth is already a part of your bedtime routine but your hair should be too.

Nobody wants to have to add a long night hair routine to their evening and it’s not necessary either. There are a number of simple night-time tips that you can apply if you want to enjoy healthier, more beautiful hair.

Read on for our top recommendations.

How to Better Care for Your Hair Before Bedtime

1. Make those products accessible

It’s always tempting to skip out on a bedtime routine when you have to search for the products you need. To prevent this from happening, place all of the hair products you need in one place. Be sure to include the products you use in the mornings and evenings as this will save you precious minutes before and after bedtime.

2. Don’t snooze with wet hair

It’s okay to have the odd night or two in the summer when you simply can’t be bothered to dry your hair. Every other time, though, it’s best not to sleep with wet hair. When your head hits the pillow with wet locks, it could stretch and break your hair over time. If you find that you often go to bed with wet hair, aim to wash your hair earlier in the evening.

3. Sleep with loose locks

You might be comfortable sleeping in a high ponytail or a messy bun but these hairstyles place strain on your scalp as well as your hair. If you prefer to keep your hair out of your face while sleeping, opt for a loose braid instead. This hairstyle is very gentle on your strands as well as your scalp. What’s more, sleeping with a braid will leave you with soft, flowing curls the next day.

4. Consider buying a silk pillowcase

It’s only until you sleep on a silk pillowcase that you realise what a difference it makes. Yes, silk pillowcases are slightly more expensive but the smaller fibres won’t pull on or damage your hair when you turn over during the night. If you have hair extensions, a silk pillow is highly recommended.

5. Wrap your hair in satin too

As an extra step, you can also wrap your hair in a satin headscarf. This will not only maintain your hairstyle but keep your hair protected too. This means you get to wake up with soft curls and less frizz more often.

nighttime hair care tips by Jadore - model image

6. Work an overnight treatment into your week

Masks and treatments are important for your skin but they can do wonders for your hair too. To give your hair an extra layer of protection, apply an overnight treatment at least twice a month, especially if you heat style your locks often. There are a number of options available on the market so you may want to speak to your stylist about the right treatment for you.

7. Give your scalp a massage

The health of your scalp plays a vital role in the health of your hair. And because your scalp also deserves some TLC now and then, we recommend a two-minute scalp massage every evening. It’s really just two minutes, which means you can do this while you’re catching up on your favourite series. You can even do it in the shower when washing your hair – just remember to be gentle.

8. Take those clip-in extensions out

Clip-in hair extensions open up a whole new world of hairstyle possibilities. As much as you love them though, it’s important to never sleep with them in. The clip will pull on your natural hair during the night, which can cause a lot of damage, especially if you toss and turn a lot.

By taking a few extra steps at night, you can enjoy hair that’s thicker, softer and more beautiful throughout the year.


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