I-Tip Hair Extensions: Here is What You Need to Know

I-Tip Hair Extensions: Here is What You Need to Know

Have you always dreamed of longer, fuller hair? Microbead hair extensions are among the most popular extension methods used in salons around the world, thanks to their simple, secure and easily-adjustable attachments. In particular, I-Tip extensions are praised for their heat-free, adhesive-free method, allowing you to enjoy thicker and longer hair without damaging your natural hair. 

If you have shorter and thinner hair than what can typically be ideal for some other methods of hair extensions, let us introduce you to I-Tip microbead. 


What are I-Tip hair extensions? 


I-Tip hair extensions are a type of microbead extension that discreetly and securely attaches to your natural hair, adding volume and length in a seamless, flawless way.

With a non-slip, heat-free and glue-free grooved bead design, I-Tip hair extensions are quickly, easily and securely attached to your natural hair, without causing damage. 

I-Tip microbeads hair extensions model 02, Jadore Hair Extensions Australia

The benefits of I-Tip extensions are endless


There are many hair extension methods used around the world today, and it can be hard to know which one is best for you. I-Tip extensions come with a variety of benefits that just may fit in perfectly with your personal hair goals. 

  • Small and discreet attachments
    The I-Tip connecting beads are small, lightweight and coloured to match the shade of your hair, making them comfortable to wear and able to blend in seamlessly. From a sports game to the dance floor, you won’t have to worry about revealing the secret of your luscious, natural-looking hair. 

  • A heat-free and glue-free application
    While some hair extension methods require heat or strong adhesive to stay in place, I-Tip beads simply attach to your natural hair by sliding over the strands, and being pressed down with the high quality new hair. The beads are neatly flattened in place, holding the new hair together with your natural hair. Essentially, you won’t be able to tell which strands are your natural hair and which strands are the premium hair extensions - if you choose J’adore extensions, they’ll even feel soft to the touch, just like your natural hair.

    When it is time to adjust the added hair as your natural hair grows, they can easily be moved up in place, without tearing out your hair. The beads are simply un-flattened to re-open, and moved up to the desired new position. When you have your extensions adjusted, you can even take out or add more hair, to adjust the level of thickness.

  • Long-lasting, but semi-permanent
    I-Tip extensions can last for about six to nine months before needing to be adjusted, which allows you to enjoy the extensions for a decent amount of time while still easily being able to make changes to the length, colour or thickness of the extensions down the track. As you enjoy your new, glamorous and bouncy hair, you may feel that it is slightly too thick, too thin, too short or perhaps not quite long enough. Thanks to the semi-permanent nature of I-Tip extensions, you’re free to change your mind and make the changes during your next maintenance visit to the salon.

    At the same time, I-Tip extensions are more of a commitment than clip-ins, meaning that you can sleep, shower, and play sports with the extensions still firmly attached. The long-lasting yet temporary nature of I-Tips give you the hair of your dreams in a fuss-free, flexible manner.

  • Ideal for thinner hair strands 
  • The lightweight nature of the I-Tip beads mean that less strain is put onto your natural hair, which is better for the health of thinner strands. The adhesiveless method is generally preferred for thinner hair, with less chance of causing breakage or damage to the fibres of the natural hair. Microbead extensions can be a game-changer for this reason, as some clients may find that they are not eligible for other methods of extensions due to having particularly thin hair. 

    Microbeads hair extensions (I-Tip), model 03, Jadore Australia

    How to care for your I-Tip extensions 

    This discrete, natural-looking and damage-free style of hair extensions can last for up to six to nine months, as long as they are correctly cared for and well maintained. 

    To prevent tangling while you sleep and make you feel more comfortable throughout the night, you should put your hair in a loose braid before you go to bed. For extra comfort, you can also tie a silk bandana around the crown of your head. 

    Washing your hair in a gentle method will also help to promote the longevity of the hair. You should always brush your hair thoroughly before washing, to prevent tangling and breakage once the hair is wet. 

    You will want to avoid using any hair products that contain protein or silicone. Not only will these products harm the health of your hair in the long run, but these particular ingredients can weaken the bonds of your I-Tip extensions, making them less secure and even causing them to fall out. 

    The best hair products to use when washing your hair are a high quality shampoo, a moisturising conditioner and a deeply nourishing treatment. If you’re not sure where to find the best products, J’adore provides a range of hair care that has been especially designed to maintain the premium quality of our extensions. 

    Last but not least, make sure to book your maintenance appointments in advance to have your extensions moved up in place. Waiting too long to have your extensions adjusted can affect the natural look of your hair, cause the I-Tips to become visible, and even cause damage to your hair. Generally, you’ll need maintenance visits to the salon every eight to 12 weeks, depending on how fast your natural hair grows.

    J’adore hair extensions: A salon favourite around the globe 

    Thanks to the premium quality and thoughtful design of our hair extensions, many salons and professionals around the world create amazing, natural-looking hair transformations. J’adore hair extensions are made with ethically sourced, carefully selected 100% human Remy hair, the highest quality of hair extensions available on the market. 

    For the best I-Tip extensions, find a salon near you that uses J’adore products. To check out our full range of products and learn more about how we source our hair, visit our website or contact us today.



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