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4 Facts About Keratin Smoothing

4 Facts About Keratin Smoothing

Is your hair so frizzy that it edges on unmanageable? Do you long for straight, silky and sleek hair? Perhaps you find yourself spending entirely too much time using a straightening iron on your unruly hair?

You might find that keratin smoothing is the right chemical treatment to help you get the results you want. But just what is keratin smoothing? How can it benefit you? Read on to learn everything that there is to know about this hair treatment and process.


The Basics of Hair Rebonding

Before undergoing this chemical treatment, it’s important to know what should be expected. Keratin smoothing is a chemical process with the end goals of making your hair straight, smooth and glossy. The hair's natural protein bonds are broken down during treatment and rearranged to remove any frizz or texture from the hair. The structure of the hair is altered during treatment, making it much easier to maintain, and looks its silky soft best.


Fact 1 – There Are A Number of Benefits of Keratin Smoothing

There are a number of benefits to this process, particularly if you are looking for results that are more permanent. Some types of hair treatments typically fade away after just a few washes. Keratin smoothed hair can last for several months.

The benefits of keratin smoothing can include the following.

● Straightened hair, with no frizz
● Shiny and glossy hair
● Smooth and soft hair
● Boosted manageability


Fact 2 – It Is Not A Fast Treatment

Keratin smoothing uses a combination of heat and chemicals in order to alter your hair’s structure. The length of your hair will determine how long the treatment will take. The treatment can last between 2 and 4 hours. While this is not always the most convenient of things for those who are looking to reduce their hair care times, this will help to cut down on the daily effort needed to get that perfect look.

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Fact 3 – Results Can Last Months

The results of keratin smoothing offer more permanent lasting results than those you’d get from using your straightening iron. If done correctly and with the right at-home maintenance, the results of rebonding should last for more than 6 months. Follow-up maintenance could be necessary every 3 or every 6 months for new growth.


Fact 4 – You’ll Need to Alter Your Haircare Routine

You’ll need to switch up your haircare products, starting with the shampoo that you use. You will need to use a shampoo that has been designed for straight hair once you are able to start washing your hair again. You will also need to use a quality conditioner designed for straight hair. This will help to keep your hair from losing too much moisture.

You may need to have more hair trims than you previously needed. Regular trims can help to keep your hair healthy, and help to keep split ends at bay.
If you have questions about the types of products that you need to invest in after keratin smoothing, or you need guidance from a professional, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to your hair stylist for the information that you need. This can help to ensure that you have the confidence needed to keep your hair looking and feeling its glossy radiant best.


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