4 Easy Care Tips for Long Hair

4 Easy Care Tips for Long Hair

You've invested a fair bit of time into growing your hair out. You wash it, brush it, style it and of course have fun experimenting with fresh new looks. But are you giving your longer locks the right type of care? If your hair is long, it is important to ensure that you are taking proper care of your beautiful hair.

Don’t worry, though. Having longer hair doesn't mean that your haircare routine needs to be much more difficult. Caring for longer hair all comes down to using the right products and techniques to keep your locks looking their best.


Easy Care Tip 1: Trimming on The Regular

It can be tempting to skip getting a healthy trim, so that you don’t lose much of your length. Getting regular trims at the salon will go a long way towards helping to keep your long flowing hair in excellent healthy condition. Generally speaking, you should be trimming your ends every 4 - 6 weeks. There are a number of benefits to getting that trim, like getting rid of the split ends and frizzy ends that could be leaving your hair looking lackluster.


Easy Care Tip 2: Take A Break from Heat Styling Tools

Whether your hair length is entirely your own or you have extensions subtly woven in, styling with heat tools is a great way to keep your locks looking smooth and shiny. However, heated styling tools, including hair dryers, can leave your hair dried out and more susceptible to breakage. If you are going to use heat styling tools be sure to use a heat protectant product before you style your hair. Just a few quick spritzes of your favourite product will help to offer your hair the protection it needs.


Easy Care Tip 3: Start with The Basics

Good haircare starts with washing and conditioning your hair, with the right products. Use a restoring shampoo and conditioner that will keep your hair clean and healthy between washing. Consider integrating a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, for a deep conditioning treatment that will leave your hair positively glowing.

Another basic haircare essential is to ensure that you are using a good quality brush or comb. And, of course, don’t brush or comb your hair when it is wet. Hair can be fragile and prone to breakage when it is wet. Start from the ends and work your way up slowly when your hair is dry. This will help to place less pressure on the hair follicles as you work through those tangles.

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Easy Care Tip 4: Shampoo Less

Just how often are you washing your hair? There are several myths floating out there that state it’s better for your hair to be shampooed daily. The truth is that you truly do not need to shampoo your long locks each day. The natural oils produced by your scalp are an important part of keeping both your scalp and your hair healthy. There are of course exceptions. If you are working out daily, you’ll likely want to rinse your hair after each workout. But for many of us, every other day or every third day will be totally fine.

Don’t like the way that your hair looks between shampooing? One of the benefits to longer hair is that it can be easily swept up into a bun or ponytail, to disguise the fact that it might be looking a little oily.

Be certain that you are using the right shampoo for your hair type. What works for someone with dry may not necessarily work well for someone with fine or oily hair.

Your long locks are sure to be the envy of those who are still growing out their luscious mane. Providing the right type of care will ensure that your beautiful long hair looks and feels it’s very healthy best.



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