Colour Guide

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  • This is the darkest shade available, and is suitable for those clients with jet black or even blue black hair

    Colour 1: Jet black

  • This is a softer option than the jet black, it is not a harsh jet black but a ever so slightly lighter version

    Colour 1b: Off black

  • Think dark chocolate. A warm undertone with a rich deep brown shade. Our most popular colour in the brunette range

    Colour 2: Chocolate brown

  • An option for when colour 2 is too dark and 4 is too light, a real middle ground.

    Colour 3: Medium dark brown

  • Colour 4: Warm medium brown

  • A beautiful warm light brown , Suitable for copper shades

    Colour 6: Warm light brown

  • Our coolest/ash shade. A light ash brown.

    Colour 8: Ash light brown

  • A lovely warm light brown suitable for honey tones. Great mixed with #17 (caramel blonde)

    Colour 12: Warm light brown

  • A cool dark blonde shade. Great mixed with #613 (light blonde)

    Colour 18:Ash dark blonde

  • A beautiful warm caramel shade. One of our best sellers!

    Colour 17: Caramel blonde

  • A perfect blend of #18 ash dark blonde and #613 light blonde. Perfect for foiled clients. One of our best sellers!

    Colour 18/613: Caramel blonde mix

  • A natural golden blonde. Suitable for honey blondes.

    Colour 24: Golden blonde

  • Can be toned to achieve a cooler shade of light blonde.

    Colour 613: Light golden blonde

  • The lightest of our blonde shades. The slight warmth in this colour can also be toned to achieve a cool ash Platinum tone.

    Colour 60: Platinum Blonde

  • A natural auburn brown shade

    Colour 33: Auburn

  • A brighter option. Can be coloured (semi-permanent only) for more vibrancy.

    Colour 37:Bright auburn